Monthly Playlist: April

I am starting a new series on my blog, namely Monthly Playlist. Because I tweet and post instastory of my favourite lyrics all the time. So I might as well compile them all here.  And I would tell why/how each song makes it to the playlist. Cause man, I don't know... I feel like my music taste is quite relatable and I can listen to any genres, from classical music to techno. Got this idea after my lyrics tweet was RT-ed 2.4k times

Feelings Fade, Gnash ft RKCB
Tell Me It's Okay, Gnash
Get Well Soon, Gnash ft Liphemra
Fragile by Gnash ft Wrenn
U just can't be replaced, Gnash ft. Rosabeales
If I could, I would ask Gnash did he face the same thing with me because his whole album is literally my soundtracks?
Cause fake friends are a real waste of time, and fake love is real waste of life

You gotta be alone, to be happy together, you gotta lose something you know, to learn how to get better

 I think about you, I dream about you, I smile about you, I cry about you, I lie about you, I'm fine without you. I lied, that's not true

I'll wish you the best, when you leave my bed, you came like you left, it's on to the next, cause all good things end eventually

I know the day you leave me, we'll be better off believe me

I've got no one to hold me, cause I, I turned them all away 

Campus Walk, Dustin O'Halloran
Just to add my addiction to Dustin's scores. Fyi, Dustin is my no. 1 artist on Spotify 2017 playlist. Obsessed since 2015! I listen to his music all the time while studying :)

Two Ghosts, Harry Styles
This song is about two people who used to be nice and kind to each other and now they just forgot how to

We're not who we used to be, we're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me, trying to remember what it feels like to have a heartbeat

This was all what we used to need, toungue-tied like we've never known, telling those stories we already told, cause we don't say what we really mean

Affair, Park Won
If We, Park Won
These songs are from a Kdrama, This Week My Wife is Having an Affair. Despite being a comedic series,  it's actually really realistically sad. I strongly suggest to people who want to understand cheating to watch this Kdrama. And no worries, there is no any sort of aegyo because Song Ji Hyo is the main lead and we all know her personality lol. I watched this series for 6 times already.

When I looked at myself, I changed so much after meeting you, I began to have dreams

As long as you didn't know, I thought it would be fine, If I did it better, I thought it would get erased,  but now I can't even stand by your side, I'm so sorry, I have nothing to say

Nocturne Opus 9, Frederic Chopin
I discovered this because I was searching for something with a good tempo rubato - which means the mixture of speeding up and slowing down in music. I'm not a pro at classical music cause it's hard to understand lol but I'm gradually learning

Going Home, Izumi Tanaka
Because I needed a song to calm my panic attack due to the coming exam lol

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