To-Do-List before marriage

People always criticise women about why we tend to center our plans around marriage. I used to think negatively about this too. Until I actually reach this stage.

I begin to understand that like it or not, marriage brings different impacts on woman and man. The biggest differences are definitely the physical changes (getting pregnant) and also being accounted to answer to a man. I see myself being the submissive kind of wife, I try to obey my husband and see him as someone above me even though he is only few years above/below me. My idea of feminism doesn't sacrifice my principle to respect my husband as the head of the family. And because of that, I don't take marriage lightly. I need to have someone I can listen to when he is right. I need to have someone who listens to me when he is wrong. And most importantly, I need to accomplish as many things as a single before I have my plurals (not only my +1 but +kids). Because by then, my schedule will change a lot, I can't be as solitary and selfish as I am now.

I haven't set any date or even the year yet with my boyfriend. And it won't be anytime soon because he is yet to finish his masters and I haven't started working. It's not going to be sooner, hence this to-do-list is going to be quite extensive considering I have quite a plenty of time.

1. Solo travel

I am going to start my solo travel as soon as I finish the exam, the destination is a secret for now but I am so thrilled and nervous at the same time because finally I am doing this. I contemplate a lot, especially about my safety. As a preparation, I do the unusual, buying travel insurance and travelling in the daylight (I am a nightlife person). I also shared the google drive of my planning with my boyfriend because just in case anything happens to me while I am abroad, he knows whereabout I'll be. I don't share with my family because 100% they are going to freak out seeing how crazy the whole itineraries are. But overall, my family is quite cool because I only tell them after I bought and booked everything hahaha. And my boyfriend, he always trusts that I can take care of myself while he gives a lot of advices.

2. Having a driving license!
I know, I know! This is funny! This is not supposed to be on this list but I have to put it here. My first attempt (and hopefully the last) is going to be sponsored by my boyfriend as a birthday present and also as a compensation because he forgot three important dates; his birthday, my birthday, and our third anniversary. The offer came funnily tho

During my 23rd birthday...
Me: *crying*
Him: Is there any way I can make this right?
Me: Do you think there is a way? Do you think I was born twice? The next birthday is next year. There is no way you can make this right
Him: Alright. How about I sponsor your driving license as your birthday present?
Me: *stopped crying* ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Him: Yes
Me: Asssssaaaa!!! (which means oh yesssss in Korean)
Him: Assa pun assa but only the first attempt. You need to pass at the first attempt
Me: Alright! *stopped crying*

That's when I know, I need to start crying more hahahahaha.

And not that I cannot afford the license. It is just that I will be demotivated if I pay and then I fail, then I have to pay again. Hopefully with my BF's sponsorship, I'm more motivated to pass the test.

3. Invest in KLSE

I have been learning stocks for two years now and the only reason I haven't invested in the KLSE is because I am not eligible yet. I can't have the documents required because I am still a student. I'm going to invest as soon as I can. Because KLSE investment is not common among our people. When we talk about wealth building, usually people opt for goods market, then services market, then MLM market, then recently, cryptocurrency. But I understand the reason. It is not easy to understand and to predict the market. Even as an economics student, I still have to google the terms from time to time. And plus here in the UK I learned more about NYSE than KLSE. So I still have to begin new with some foundation gained from NYSE study.

4. Buying my first house

This is more like an accomplishment than a milestone. I aim to buy my first house before I reach 25. And that being said, I only have 2 years left *nervous*. But hold my beer, I can do this! I think I'm going to do house hunting with my boyfriend because he knows a thing or two about land and property with his experience being an architect. I feel so lucky now because I have my free-of-charge architect and interior designer LOL. I haven't set my eyes on any location yet but my boyfriend aims Rawang if I'm not mistaken. This relationship has really grown from Twitter DM to house hunting :') We are really growing old together hopefully.

5. Have a flawless face

It's a weird to do list but my skin battle has been quite intense since I started my undergraduate. My friend told me once I graduate my skin will improve tremendously and let's have faith. I don't want to put on thick makeups on my wedding day because... (offensive alert) most brides are only pretty in pictures because if you see them in person, the makeups look so greasy and cakey. So I need my face to clear before my wedding day so I just need a little coverage and more natural glow.

And that's it! All my plans before I get married. It is not going to be easy but lets have faith that I will accomplish all and marry the same man I'm writing about here hahahahaha #doayangbaikbaik.

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