New blog look

Guess who's happily back to Blogger after 3 years with Wordpress? I reverted back to Blogger because... First of all, I found a cool budget Blogger template from Etsy. That was my first Etsy purchase, and I am so happy with this new look. I know right now my blog looks half-done. And that is because I haven't transferred blog posts from the old blog yet. Yup, the sucks part of changing platform :( But nvm because this template only cost me £4.50 and it comes with self-installation. I managed to pull this new layout with some help from Kate, the theme creator, and with existing skills and knowledge resulted from 10 years of blogging experience (let me boast). Kate replies inquiries really fast and I rated her service 5 stars.

And also Soon after the exam, I will begin my summer trip and my blog must be prepared with heavy image loads, which is one of the drawbacks using cheap Wordpress plan. Wordpress has a limited media storage and it's annoying. Of course, there is a way to avoid using up the limit which is to opt for third-party storage, Flickr. But I am getting old, I am 23 already, I am becoming more impatient and relatively broke, so I need a faster and cheaper platform. Hence, Blogger again.

By the way, I have six papers coming and please pray that I will graduate on time!


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